Internet of Customers Salesforce1 WorldTour Amsterdam 2014.05.27 started in 1999 and I discovered the cloud computing company in 2013. Attending salesforce 1 WorldTour was an inspiring experience!

Personal report

Focus of salesforce 1 WorldTour are the more digitally savvy customers -:) 
My 3 key words as a feedback from Amsterdam: Internet of Customers replaces Internet of Things; Salesforce Foundation is an opportunity; Dutch fund Mama Cash is using its licenses.

Internet of Customers is 'the world's largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software' . Two of their 'local' customers are KLM (service and engage customers through social media) and Philips Healthcare (service to employees). 

Salesforce Foundation 
is integrated philantrophy: 'leverage's people, technology and resources to improve communities around the world'. Since the start in 1999, there have been a focus on social good combining time, free licenses and grants. Every year, each employee is entitled to 6 days of paid time-off for volunteer projects of their choice. The 1/1/1 model is a giving back model to communities. Employees of have giving 620,000+ service hours to 22,000+ Nonprofit & Higher Education Organizations.  

Mama Cash
Since more than 20 years I donate money and time to Mama Cash, an international women's fund based in Amsterdam. I attended a breakout session in which Mama Cash (she changes the world) told how she accelarates fundraising and grantmaking with technology. 

Nice to do and share

My own selfie with Google Glass  
Google is one of my favorite services - Search, Gmail, Blog, Chrome, Play. Selfie with Google Glass made by the recognized market leader with regard to in Benelux. 

I'm a political activist using the internet in elections since 1997 and a digital campaigner using Twitter since 2010. Writing this blog I discovered a best practice - how Obama for America succeeded with YouTube.