Do women social entrepreneurs use IT and social media in EU? #eskills

One of the strategic objectives of the Beijing Platform for Action '95 is 'Promote women's economic rights and independence ...' Social entrepreneurship can be a promising avenue through which women can empower themselves and others. The European Women's Lobby (EWL) published a Synthesis report WEstart. Mapping Women's Social Entrepreneurship in Europe (September 2015). The WEstart project is the first-ever research study on this subject and got support from the Fondation d'Entreprise Chanel. The report was prepared by WEstart Project Manager Emily Usher Shrair of EWL. Note 1 A social enterprise 'is a company that sells products or services on the market. ... and a portion of its revenue is reinvested in its mission.' (p 4) 

Do women social entrepreneurs use IT & social media?
How many women social entrepreneurs are using IT & social media in the 10 studied countries? These countries are France, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). One of the outputs is an electronic database containing information about 1,000 women-led social enterprises. In this blog I give a small answer about the UK after using this database. How many women-led social enterprises in the Information and Communication sector are there? I found in UK 16 Women-Led Social Enterprises (Social Mission, Woman Leadership, Portion made in market, portion of profit/surplus reinvested). Two of these have women or girls as primary clients/target population: Ogunte CIC and HighStreetFitFinder. They both use social media like Facebook or Twitter ...Yes!

Babyboomers in eSkills bootcamp
Women and men who are fifty-something learned how to use internet and e-mail in the 90's or 21th century. Even though they learned e-skills for job demands, business or other societal activities, navigating through new media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be challenging. That's why Digital Skills Workshop for Baby Boomers: Develop social media skills to transform your future was an official side event at the very inspiring Code to Change programme in Amsterdam (October 2015). The e-skills bootcamp and conference in Program Your Future are an initiative of ChunriChoupaal, a non-profit organisation, whose mission is economic empowerment of women through digital technology. Note 2

In the workshop I told my personal career story as ICT leader
- Projectmanager Vrouwen-Internet-Politiek site (1996-00)
- Director NSI Zuid-Holland (2004-08)
- Networker at LinkedIn & Twitter (2009)
- Blogger at (2011 - 55 blogs)
- Board member of European Women's Lobby, representing International Alliance of Women (2014)
- Entrepreneur Social Media 4 Boomers (website in Dutch 2015)
Conclusion: ICT for me is 4 x C in IT: Communicate, Connect, Content & Co-create with IT. Note 3

From words to action?
Let's connect & share in order to get more women from different generations and backgrounds involved in social entrepreneurship who are also using IT & social media in order to #worktoequality! 
My learning style is learning by doing and I'm at #55plus still an advocate of lifelong learning. Do you want to know more or connect? Please send an e-mail to arina.angerman[at]

Note 1 
For more details about WEstart visit  
Note 2
Many thanks to Rose Iffat Gill, her #codetochange team and supporters & participants.
Note 3 
And I learned at #eSkillsNL (16.03.16) C is also to Celebrate with IT (Information Communication Technology)
Blog in Dutch Meer vrouwen in #ICT betekent 4xC = kansen Babyboomers?! 

Arina Angerman is an Activist, Blogger and Consultant. Please read additional information at website (in Dutch).


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