Women´s participation in politics in Indonesia: Kartini Day, parody video Women's Suffrage & strategic alliances #IAW Aletta Jacobs + 100

The Jakarta Post wrote several pages ´Shining a light on Women´. Raden Ajeng Kartini (1879-1904) was a letter writer and pionieer for women´s rights in Indonesia.´´Even in my childhood, the word ´emancipation´ enchanted my ears ... and awakened in me an ever-growing longing for freedom and independence``, she wrote in 1899. Her birthday 21th of April is a national holiday Kartini Day. 

The Aletta Jacobs + 100 years travellers celebrated Kartini Day in the Erasmus house of the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta. The beautiful event was organised by Dineke Stam, Intercultural Museum and Heritage Projects, and APIK, an Association of Indonesian Women for Justice. 

One of the speakers Mineke Bosch, professor of Modern History and biographer of Aletta Jacobs, illustrated her story by showing a YouTube parody video Bad Romance: Women´s Suffrage. The excellent video is paying homage to generations of brave women who joined together in the fight giving women the right to vote in 1920 in the USA. This video can be used as a learning tool about women´s participation in politics / MDG3 (now SDG 5 gender equality in decision-making positions / processes). 

Strategic alliances: actively promotion 

Dra. Lena Maryana Mukti, Former Member of Parliament, disseminated information about how women in politics at all levels learn from each other and show force by cooperation between women politicians, ngo´s and journalists. And about the new Election Law: 2,5% of national vote in national level increased to 3,5% election threshold of national vote flatly implemented nationally in 2014. Parties must receive a minimum percentage of votes to obtain any seats. The 3,5% election threshold is dangerous to small parties. Many female members of regional and local legislature are from small parties that did not pass the 2,5% in 2009 general election. Lena Maryana invited Mineke Bosch and me to the 2nd National Conference of Indonesian Female Legislators from across the country with 400 women.

Dr. Ir. Hetifah Sjaifudian, Member of Parliament 2009-2014, actively promotes women's participation and gender equality in politics. She complimented Lena Maryana, because her various activities made it possible for her to become a politician. Hetifah Sjaifudian, pro citizen participation and a researcher, based her involvement in politics and campaign strategy on analysing data. She was elected thanks to civil society organizations and use of alternative networks. And as Member of Parliament she learned how to improve her political networking and connections by experienced men who became her mentor. 

At the picture you see from left to right Dineke Stam, Lena Maryana, Hetifah Sjaifudian and Mineke Bosch. Lena Maryana & Hetifah Sjaifudian are very inspiring rolemodels for women's participation in politics. 

Inspirational women and activities
- Perwari, Association of Women of Republic of Indonesia, was an affiliate of International Alliance of Women (IAW) from 1967 till 1982.
- Rena Herdiyani & Estu Fanani from CEDAW Working Group Initiative in Jakarta. They are working on the NGO CEDAW Shadowreport 2012.