Visual storytelling women in politics from Aletta Jacobs' travel +100 in Indonesia CEDAW, Kartini, ICT

Lena Maryana & Hetifah Sjaifudian active in political decision-making

Focus on CEDAW by Danish Women's Society 2001, member International Alliance of Women. IAW is a non-governmental, feminist organization and represents more than 50 organisations world-wide. How to join?

Aletta Jacobs' World travel after 100 years from the Netherlands in Bogor. 

Female Legislators & Kartini Day in Provinsi Jawa Barat / West Java

''Sharia bylaws 'time bomb'" article in The Jakarta Post, 20.04.2012. Fears that sharia bylaws could cause local conflicts. "By early 2010 more than 150 bylaws, regulations and circulars were found to be problematic and discriminative according to the national women's rights body." 

Ellin Rozana of with IAW Centenary. Institut Perempuan / Women's Institute is a feminist, non-profit organization, dedicated to women's issues and women's rights advocacy work in Bandung. 

''We should then ask, why after 100 years ... Seventy percent of poor people of this country are women. There are many big corruption cases in the government and parliament, while the number of malnourished children and maternal mortality rate are increasing." Quote from Cultural Speech Sense of Love 2011 by R. Valentina Sagala, founder of Women's Institute. 

Ranti Puji Agusti of in Bandung. Open platform strong in bridging dialogue and exchanging knowledge. She is Program Manager Networks Foundation, studied International Law and Human Rights. The Common room uses Copyleft / Creative Commons.

The online population in Indonesia is 31 million in 2011 and estimated 50 million in 2015. Source: China Daily April 20-26 2012. Currently, there are 42.5 million Facebook users in Indonesia. This is 18% compared to the country's population. Which makes it #4 by country. There are 59% male users and 41% female users in Indonesia Facebook statistics by Country. 

Dr. Machya Astuti Dewi, Head of Department of International Relations UPN ''Veteran" Yogyakarta. The Department has 50% male / female lecturers. One of her research projects is on gender, quotas and politics.

Female hero Kartini in advertising 'Chase your dreams' buy a TV, fridge or ...

In Yogyakarta and Amsterdam I read about the beautiful and interesting life and activities of Stanley Ann Dunham (photo 1973) in A Singular Woman. The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother by Janny Scott, 2011

Ann Dunham lived more than half of her adult life in Indonesia. She became an anthropologist, a development consultant, an early figure in microfinance.