Eskills Week, political leadership and Neelie Kroes on Cloud Computing

Eskills week 2012 ...Go digital

Even today, there are 25% of adults in the EU digital illiterate. In 90% of the jobs you need some level of eskills. In every day life as a citizen looking for a job, entrepreneur or employee you need good eskills. So there is a big eskills mismatch! Anna Maria Darmanin, Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) was the opening speaker at the launch of eSkills Week 2012 by the European Commission in Brussels. YouTube video 'Political leadership is Vital For eSkills' Training in eSkills is a national question.

Neelie Kroes about Digital Agenda and Cloud Computing

At 22th of June 2012 Neelie Kroes, EU Commissionar, talked about The Digital Agenda two years on. Some quotes ''The internet matters to citizens, and politicians need to respond." "Even today, one in three European households have no internet connection; one in four adults have never gone online." You can give feedback to Neelie's speech at

Focus on priorities
"First, let's get ahead of the game on the Cloud. ... Because Cloud benefits are huge: some say € 2.000 per citizen over 5 years. We can give ourselves a great competitive edge: with a boost for small businesses ..." Neelie Kroes on the EU strategy for Cloud Computing with leading technology journalist Jennifer Baker
"Fourth, let's stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. And fifth, let's use ICT to boost the quality and efficiency of public services. To deliver our citizens better service at lower cost.''