Visual storytelling IAW event Towards Equality Melbourne 2012 #IAWMel

Entrance Queen Victoria's Women's Centre were International Alliance of Women Melbourne event was. Special of QVWC is the Shilling Wall.

More participants than earlier brought their own devices: laptops and tablets. And there was the first live reporting by Twitter #IAWMel

Helen L'Orange, WEL Australia Chair, inspired us by telling how Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL) recruits younger members (below 30) and uses Facebook and Twitter in a successful manner as networking tools @welaust 

Unique of IAW is 
Helen L'Orange: institutional sustainability: its consultative status and influence with the UN since 1948!
Lene Pind, Secretary-General IAW: a real NGO working from the grassroots level through national, to regional onto international level.
Speaker Susan Ryan has a strong focus on gender equality in politics and now is Age Discrimination Commissioner. Australia has to support a UN Convention on the Rights of Older People, including a right to information and to learn new digital skills. 

Melbourne Girls' College with the Purple, White & Green  - feminist colours - who want to lead & achieve. In 1993 I visited an exhibition with the same title about Suffragettes in London 1906-1914. 'Purple ... stands for freedom and dignity, white stands for purity in private and public life ... green is the colour of hope and the emblem of spring.' Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, 1908
Sri Samy Candidate for Lightwood Ward of City of Greater Dandenong. She is a small business owner and one of 664 women candidates (just over 33%) in the local government elections in Victoria. I helped her door knocking. We spoke to 45 people, got 13 banners confirmed and distributed 350 flyers.
Last results: 34% of Councillors in Victoria are women ranging from 1 woman to 6 women. Unfortunately Sri Samy is not elected at 27th of October. 
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Initiative by Victorian Women's Trust for women & girls: A switch in time restoring respect to Australian politics by Mary Crooks. Launched in September 2012 is a call to action in gender equality, strengthening democracy and climate change. See also blog Women in Politics

A contribution to 'she is young, she is fifty' are She is 50+, confident, healthy and has a mid-life opportunity. Online? Of Course!