Tulip Cathay, Year of the Horse and blogger: connecting China with Amsterdam 2014-1995

Tulip ''Cathay'' is the old name of China in Holland and is meaning ''prosperous country''.
First lady Peng Liyuan of China blesses a new type of tulip
in the presence of President Xi Jinping, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima in: China Daily March 24,2014

The famous Dutch artist Rembrandt is born in Year of the Horse 

President Barack Obama in front of Rembrandt's painting The Night Watch (De Nachtwacht) at The Rijksmuseum with Wim Pijbes, Director, and Mark Rutte Prime Minister in: de Volkskrant 25 maart 2014

The spirit of the Horse is energetic, bright, warm-hearted and able. ''People born in Year of the Horse have ingenious communicating techniques (strength) ... and are independent (weakness)

In 1995 I participated in the NGO Forum in Huairou during the United Nations 4th World's Women Conference in Beijing. Before this inspiring event I travelled by train from Beijing to Xian where I bought this horse stamp. In Huairou I started sending emails (blogger), learned how to use the world wide web (Internet): developing digital skills.  

27.02.15 I received a mail with an inspiring quote: ''In the era of the Dragon, the year of the Sheep is very active and powerful."