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On the occasion of International Women's Day 2015 I reuse content out of recent blogs at The (inter)national communities will celebrate worldwide the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, a fundamental human rights instrument for women and girls adopted in 1995. 

Big Plans ... Small Steps to goal 50/50 F/M
Thank you MamaCash and EWL!
Economic independence and austerity measures
One of the strategic objectives of the Beijing Platform for Action ’95 is ‘Promote women’s economic rights and independence …’ Women and the economy is one of the interdependent 12 critical areas of concern in this Platform for Action. 
After 20 years the gender pay gap remains a major issue within the EU as women workers on average earn 16% less than men. A worrying development is the widening gender pension pay gap which stand at 39% within the EU. 
Austerity measures have a huge effect on women, both as workers in the public sector and users of public services. Moreover, women bear a disproportionate share of tax burdens, as they use larger portions of their income on food and basis goods for the household. Did you see the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) video-clip “A she-(re)cession. What does austerity mean for women in Europe?”? (2013)

Do you want to help at Facebook and Twitter?
Lights at IAW Board Meeting in Sion, 2014
International Alliance of Women publishes and shares news in accordance with the focus. At the time of writing this blog IAW has 696 likes at Facebook. @Womenalliance at Twitter has 294 followers. IAW is a non-political and feminist organisation founded in 1904 and based in Geneva. Subtitle of IAW is Equal Rights - Equal Responsibilities. IAW has general consultative status in ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) since the beginning of the UN - 1947. 
International Alliance of Women as a NGO has a glorious past and works on getting a glorious future. Do you want to like, share, comment, follow or RT (ReTweet)? Please join us with activities - small steps - for Gender Equality and Equal Rights!

Developing digital skills in 1995 
In 1995 I participated in the NGO Forum in Huairou during the United Nations 4th World's Women Conference in Beijing. Before this inspiring event I travelled by train from Beijing to Xian where I bought this horse stamp. In Huairou I started sending emails (blogger) and learned how to use the world wide web (Internet): developing digital skills. 

Blogger Arina Angerman
is representing International Alliance of Women (IAW) in the Policy Committee of the European Women's Lobby (EWL). She is a consultant in how to use social media as a board member, entrepreneur or manager: Social Media 4 (Baby) Boomers


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